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My twenty year old son is being harrased by his father, hes

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My twenty year old son is being harrased by his father, he's sending him text messages insulting him, just because we have a pending lawsuit for child support in another country, and the child support of $150 a month piled up to sum 8K, which he doesn't want to pay. This man became an american citizen several years ago. Can we build a case against him, considering that this messages are living painful psicologycal scars to my son?



first, he should go to the clerk of the court and file a petition for a restraining order for the harassment - save the text messages, of course - if that is issued then contact he has with your son would be a contempt of court and he could be arrested


as to the case of the text messages due to the child support - you can consult with a local attorney about a possible lawsuit for your son's pain and suffering due to his father's remarks - yes, it is possible. you just need to find a lawyer willing to take the matter - which is going to depend greatly on whether a judgement is obtainable - meaning a lawyer is not going to sue someone who does not have money to pay any judgement ordered



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I really appreciate your promt response, this is probably going to be a bit more complicated considering that this person has his assets overseas, however he does have a lot of money and perhaps that is the most annoying part in this story. We'll proceed as recommended and hopefully we can give him a good lesson.



you should have a good lawyer assisting in collecting that arreargage - you also can contact your local Child Support Enforcement Agency who will assist in collections - they can attach wages, bank accounts, inheritances, etc