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I pleaded no contest to a PA misdemeanor 2 in 1994, and was

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I pleaded no contest to a PA misdemeanor 2 in 1994, and was sentenced to pay a fine of $2000 plus 2 years probation. In 1995 I was found in violation of probation and resentenced to 6-24 months incarceration plus 2 years parole (no fine), which I completed successfully. Now 14 years later a collection agency is trying to collect the original fine for the county. Is the fine still valid, or was it nullified when I was resentenced? (There was no mention of a fine at my resentencing.) So, does the final adjudication nullify the previous one? And does PA's statute of limitations apply to this old debt?



The fine was still a part of your sentence because you weren't resentenced on your violation of probation. The sentence you received the second time was not a sentence on the original crime, but rather a new sentence on the violation of probation.


That being said, there is a six year statute of limitations on collecting old debt in Pennsylvania. suggests that you send a certified letter disputing the debt and asking for verification that the debt is legal and not time-barred. It says that at that point, the collection agencies usually give up.


Good luck.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you. To clarify your answer, does the six-year statute of limitations on collecting old debt in Pennsylvania apply to county fines? In this case, a private company is attempting to collect this old debt for the county.

I believe this debt cannot be legally reported to credit reporting agencies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (which the collection agency just did) but again I'm unsure if this law applies to county fines.

I already sent a certified letter to the collection agency to dispute its reporting of this old debt to Equifax as being a violation of the FCRA, and am hoping they comply and remove it from my credit file. Thanks again!

The statute of limitations applies to any entity, including the government. Especially now that the old debt has been bought by a collection agency.


Here's an article about what to do with these collection agencies that are trying to collect old debt that might help you out:



And here's information and a link to a sample letter that you can tweak to fit your situation:


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