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Myself and 2 friends recently spent 4 days at my cabin in Michigan

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Myself and 2 friends recently spent 4 days at my cabin in Michigan working and cutting wood. I had taken along my quad and my tractor in my truck my friend had my other quad in his truck. My cousins ex-husband had left his quad in our shed for about 2 years. We leave to come home on Sunday 10-12-08 every thing was OK..I spoke to our neighbor at the end of our right away and his driveway. I get a call from my father on 10-17-08 saying Pat (cousins ex-husband) is at the cabin and his quad and trailer are gone..The neighbor says he seen us leaving with quads and tractor and trailer. I hear nothing more from anybody until a Detective shows up at my house asking questions about this quad and trailer. He spoke to my daughter who informed him I was at work. He then drove down to my neighbors house and asked them if they new where I was. He then proceeded to look over my quads and my tractor. I have not been able to contact him. Should I seek legal help before talking to this Detective?
Yes that consultation would be advisable. You may not be in any trouble since you and your friends are witnesses to the ownership of the quads that you used in October; however, there may be more issues present so that a consultation with an attorney first would be advisable if there are any aspects that are unforeseen. Good luck.

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