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why should media be allowed in courtrooms, and why not

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why should media be allowed in courtrooms, and why not?

Media should be allowed in becasue the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech and the press. We want open public trials to discourage offenders and to publicize wrongdoings.

But, as always, sometimes a right is abused. The presence of media makes jurors, judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, prosecutors, defendants act like celebrities and not attending to the serious business at hand. It can result in mistrials and a trial by public opinion rather than on facts and law.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
that helped me out a little, although i am still having trouble with knowing why they use it in come cases and not in others.

It is a balancing act the court/judge must perform.

Is it safe? Will the media give out the names of witnesses or minors who may be hurt.

Are jurors going to be harassed? If jurors get harassed for their decisions and they hear facts or evidence that was not at the trial, and they change their minds, it can be a mistrial and it starts all over.

Many factors.
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