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White Collar Computer Crime Forgory, Identity Theft

Resolved Question:

Hi, I am having issues at my school about a criminal investigation dealing with the school grading system that has been tempered with using a computer. Unfortunately my grades and grades of a few other students has been changed by a student employee. Unfortunately a lot of evidence points to me that I have committed the crime. Looking at the case, it probably would be consider a White Collar computer crime, a felony with a count of forgery, identity theft and maybe bribery. My question is if I was to plea guilty and pursue a plea bargain for a lesser charge what would be my options? could I reduce the sentence to a misdemeanor? Also the case is at the end of the University police investigation phrase and schedule to be processed to the D.A by next week. I am also located in the state of Minnesota and it's a state case. Any advice from an expert in this field would be really appreciated!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
Yes, you definitely need to speak with an attorney and you shoult NOT speak with the police unless your lawyer is present during the conversation.
<br />
<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> lists a couple of criminal defense attorneys in your area, both of whom offer a free consultation. See also <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<br />
<br />If you are not guilty you should not plead guilty. Your lawyer and the judge are not supposed to let you plead guilty unless there is some factual basis for the plea.
<br />
<br />If you know who the real hacker is, your lawyer might be able to convince the DA to drop the charges against you, if charges are ever filed.
<br />
<br />I urge you to consult a local criminal defense attorney, and do not have any more conversations with the police until after you speak with an attorney. I guarantee any attorney you see will tell you the same thing, do NOT speak with the police without having a lawyer present.
<br />
<br />I hope this information is helpful.
<br />
<br />
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So looking at the story and situation if I am found guilty what do you think would be the maximum charge against me and what would be its penalty? Do you think I could lessen it to a misdeamenor? could I be serving jail time if this is my first offense? Thanks so much for your expertise, the answer was really helpful. I will post the money asap!
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 8 years ago.
I don't know what you might be charged with so I cannot look up the penalties, but it is unlikely you would be sent to jail for a nonviolent first offense. And yes, there are frequently plea bargains in which the charge of a felony is reduced to a misdemeanor in exchange for a plea of guilty. A local attorney would be in a better position to predict how this might play out in court in your county, so I would consult a local attorney.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it! I have already posted the money to your account and I am going to talk to a local criminal lawyer here in Minnesota. Is there any that you know of that you can recommend in dealing with cases like these? Also one last question and I wouldn't dislike you for your opinion because your advice has really been helpful. If you were a District attorney or Grand jury prosecuting my case and believed you have enough evidence to prove me guilty, what charges would you accuse me of? And what plead bargain would you offer? I would appreciate it if you are honest with me. Again thank you so much for your help. You have truly been very helpful!

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