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What type of law is broken when a person who was convicted

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What type of law is broken when a person who was convicted of a misdomeanor offence and served his time and completed the requirements set forth by a court and is subsiquently issued a bench warrent for a reman hearing 9 months later. The results of his arrest caused he and his wife to use their rent money to pay bail to get him released. He is currently scheduled to appear in court next month. His lawyer at the tim e of his competed sentence filed with the court the necessary paper work to close that case. The court system failed to foolow up on its responsibility to file the necessary paper work to close the matter. Now said person does not have the funds to pay his rent on time and will therefore end up paying a penalty for each day his reant is not paid.
This is civil tort law and it involves "negligence" on the part of the court system. Almost all cases in tort are based on negligence as a cause of action for equitable remedy except for a few of estoppel, specific performance, etc. Your case is somewhat complicated in the sense you will be suing not only the court system but you can put an individual "vicarious liability" suit against the different chains of command in the court.

There might also be a cause of aciton for you having an arrest warrant. Were you arrestd on this warrant and jailed? If you were then the court system can be sued for "false imprisonment".
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