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I live in North Carolina. I am the HR person as well as the

Resolved Question:

I live in North Carolina. I am the HR person as well as the CFO of a small company. Early this year the company fired the owner's brother in law for harrassment, sexual harrassment and insubordination. Because I was the person that did the phone interview with the DOE of NC, the fired employee is angry at me. He appealed the decision of the DOE and now another hearing is taking place. This fired employee stated, in writing, that I made anti-immigrant (his words) statements about him and that I hate immigrants (not true and not true). What legal rights do I have from him telling the DOE such lies in writing (slander)?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 9 years ago.



you can try to find a lawyer to handle such a matter - but when someone is addressing the statement in such a manner - it is conjucture and opinion and construed as such. also, the information would need to be dissiminated by this person beyond the confidential statement being made to bring a legal action - which is clearly what has occurred here. seriously, i dont think at this juncture you have an action - but if he is writing to newspapers or telling other people this and it affects your ability to earn a living, then you might find a lawyer to consider having a face to face consult with you. otherwise, because defamation is so very hard to prove lawyers will not take a matter unless 1- they are sure they can win and 2- they are sure the person they are suing has assets enough to recover once all the hard work leads to a settlement.

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