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I was convicted of PC 476-B in San Diego County Superior Court

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I was convicted of PC 476(a) in San Diego County Superior Court about 28 years ago [1981?] (NSF Checks) along with related counts (grand theft/fraud ~ many reversed on appeal ~ all non-violent and not listed in PC 12021). I received a Certificate of Rehabilitation in the same Court about ten years later. I've petitioned every CA Gov for a full & unconditional pardon since. The Governors aids all congratulate me on my outstanding citizenship, but "no cigar" (see ~ my website). My take on the law is that my felony is such that I may be able to possess a firearm after jumping some administrative hoops. I've been living in Tulsa, OK for 12 years to help with family,but plan to return in 1-1/2 yrs. I lived in San Diego for about 45 years (dob 1930). FYI: My Inmate No. B95045. Whadaya' think?
Even if you find some way around the California statute prohibiting felons from possessing firearms, there is still a federal statute that prohibits persons convicted of certain crimes from possessing firearms. The federal statute is very strict and not something that you can "jump through hoops" to get around.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Duly noted and well aware. A yes or no would be a start with Caifornia. If no there, what's the use of seeking the federal disposition, or vise versa? Ergo, then, what are my chances with Uncle? If I have a shot with both, then we'll talk real money.I want to explore both venues. Also, I intend to use counsel re my pardon efforts. If I'm not a candidate for a pardon, no one is. Apparently, my approach leaves something to be desired.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The ball is in the attorneys court. Awaiting answer. See my first reply.
I opted out because for a variety of reasons I don't feel I can give you the answer you want. It is now open so someone else can help you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Need NRA attorney, apparently. New attorney: Review previous texting. Pretty much boils down to this: Can a felon convicted of only a non-violent crime in Califonia (1981

~ PC 476(a) ~ NSF checks) and possessing a California Certificate of Rehabilitation (1991) from same Court of conviction ........... qualify in some way to legally posses a firearm (completing administrative hurdles). Positive answer would probably result in retaining said attorney.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Any attorney out there in the internet ether want a shot at this? Review all previous text.