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My daughter, is in Gatesville and just went up for parole for

Customer Question

My daughter, is in Gatesville and just went up for parole for the second time. She has taken all classes available to her and is now attending college. She was denied her parole and in a few weeks following she was accused of hiding a weapon in someone's bunk. She was accused by an informant, who has been there, I understand for 13 nyears. They have no evidence other than the informants accusation. No fingerprints were taken. She has appealed this action . She has been doing so well and was in the girl scout program with her daughter there in Hill top Unit. The Warden has belittled her in several ways the one that comes to mind is she told my daughter " I feel sorry for your daughter having a mother like you." This really disturbed us. I am 65 raising her 2 children, they need their Mom and I need my daughter. I only have my social security for us to live on. Is there any help for her?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Jim Reilly replied 9 years ago.

Unfortunately, the parole board has a lot of discretion in deciding who will and who will not receive parole and there is no practical way of challenging the board's decision except to try again at the next scheduled hearing.

The fact that your daughter was charged with a prison violation after her last parole hearing will work against her at the next hearing, unless she is exonerated on her appeal.

What you have been doing, such as obtaining letters to the parole board by people in the girl scout program ... and anyone else who can say anything positive about her performance ... is the best way to show the parole board that she is suitable for parole, which in turn is the best way there is for her to be paroled.