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My son was inappropriately sought out and frequently called

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My son was inappropriately sought out and frequently called from class by a school employee (psychologist) who he was not under the care of for any reason. This man made several contacts with him without my permission and called him to his office on two occasions for no legitimate reason. It was apparent to myself and my son's counselor and psychiatrist that this man was attempting to "groom" my son.   The school district lead me to believe he had been fired, but I just recently found out he is still working for the district, in a school that is less than 1/2 mile from the school my son attends.   If the school district is unwilling to remove this man, do I have any legal rights to demand protection that he will not try to contact my son or have any future contact?   Please advise, very anxious and angry mom.
if you are concerned that this person poses a threat to your son's safety you should
1. file a police report
2. file a written complaint with the employer supervisor
3. seek a restraining order to keep this person away from your son under penalty of imprisonment.
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