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My son was in a car wreck, his wife was driving. They were

Customer Question

My son was in a car wreck, his wife was driving. They were in an arguement, and she was driving at a speed of 65-70mph. After my son told her that he was not dealing with her any more, and that he was going to get a divorce...she drove the car off the road, down a 15 ft embankment into a tree. Both were flown to the hospital. His injuries were minor. She was not so lucky, she broke her foot and several bones in her neck. She was driving the car without insurance, or a D.L, nothing was legal on the car. She got my son into the car by telling him that she was going to come to my home. She also got a domestic violance petition against my son, but it was dropped by the family court judge, she failed to appear. What could she be charge with? Does he have a right to press charges himself?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Bappelman replied 8 years ago.

She could be charged with a number of things: Negligent driving; Driving without a license; Driving an Uninsured vehicle; Causing an accident; Aggravated assault; and possibly Attempted Murder or Attempted Manslaughter. Any decisions of what to charge her with can only be made by the local DA, but you certainly have the right to speak to the DA and explain what you want to happen. Victims get some say in the process, but the ultimate decision is up to the DA.

Your son cannot press charges by himself - only the DA can do that. But he can speak to the DA and try to impress upon him how dangerously his wife is acting. That may get the DA to do something about this situation.

I hope that this clears up your question.

Good Luck to you and your son!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much for your time in this matter. I find this web site to be VERY useful!!!

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