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There is currently a valid order of protection that ...

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There is currently a valid order of protection that expires in February 2009, against an individual who burglarized my apartment in 2003. The order also states "No third party contact, no contact whatsoever." My son and I have been threatened by a few members of this individual''s family, and now the grandmother, grandfather, and cousin have started standing at the entrance to our building (something they have never done in the past). The grandmother now has also been sitting on our building talking to people, although she lives nearby and can sit on her own building. Although they have not said anything to us yet, their very presence at our building, where we come and go, is intimidating as we fear that they may do something as we pass. Are they allowed to congregate at the entrance to our building so that my son and I are forced to pass them within inches? Is the grandmother allowed to sit on our building? Thanks.


you would need to show that the person who has the protection order enticed or engaged in her activity. here is what i suggest. you call the police and report that you hve the protection order with no third party contact. then you go to court and seek a petition for violation of the order against the person who you have it against and also separate orders for the family members. in the meantime, the police should at the very least speak to the grandmother and other family members making it clear that they are not to be in the area. keep in mind that no third party contact means that the person should not instruct others to contact you so you would need to show that this person did instruct them - but you still should be able to get additional orders against these family members.

good luck

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