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my baby sister is the best kid my dad could ever ask ...

Customer Question

my baby sister is the best kid my dad could ever ask for.she is going to college.she works.****she got in to some trouble. she is on antidepresents.they wernt working so she was going to take my sister in laws pills to her doctor and see if she could take them.she didnt know the rules against this.nieve.or"young".she will loose her job if it goes on her record.but the lawers want 3000$to fight her case.she wont be able to pay for school.bare w my spelling it took me about 30 min to type not as smart as baby girl .she was the first of 4 to graduate. and shes the youngest
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AlmostFreeLegal replied 8 years ago.
Either the family will need to find the money to hire a lawyer to defend her against this charge, or she will need to apply for a court-appointed lawyer to handle her case. If she cannot afford an attorney, the court will provide one for her. Either way, she needs to get an attorney so that they can either take the case to trial or work out a deal to keep the incident off of her record. An attorney may be able to make this go away without putting your sister through a trial.

If you have a choice, my recommendation would be that you actually hire a lawyer. Many court-appointed attorneys are great lawyers, but unfortunately in that system you do not get to choose the lawyer you want. She may be assigned a great lawyer, or she could be assigned someone who does not have a lot of experience. By hiring one, you are able to select a good attorney in advance. Check around for recommendations for a good criminal defense lawyer, and see if you can make arrangements to hire him or her. Some will also work with you on a payment plan if you do not have the entire fee upfront.

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