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My ex-girlfriend filed a complaint against me for ...

Resolved Question:

My ex-girlfriend filed a complaint against me for harrassment because i kept sending her e-mails. She did not respond to any of them so i thought that i had the wrong e-mail address. I was arrested 3 weeks ago for stalking her. I was just trying to communicate with her. I did not know that I was doing anything wrong or breaking the law. All she had to to was send me an e-mail telling me not to e-mail her any longer or she was going to file a complaint against me with the BreaPolice Department in CA. I would have stopped immediately. The Detective that took her complaint should have called me up or driven to my home and told me about the complaint and that if i kept e-mailing her i would get arrested. Nobody gave me a warning and i was arrested inside my aopartment and charged with stalking. Should the Detective called me up and contacted me and made me aware of the complaint in which case I would have stopped sending e-mails and i would not have gotten arrested?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  INFOLAWYER replied 9 years ago.
officers have discretion in responding to the complaint. i suggest you appear at the court hearing, preferably with local counsel, and submit that you just wanted to communicate with her, didnt know she didnt want you to, and had you been asked you would have gladly stopped and have no intention of further contacting her. see if your local attorney can settle the charge on consent in advance of the hearing to avoid the appearance.

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