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A 14 year old friend texed my daughter if they wanted him to

Resolved Question:

A 14 year old friend texed my daughter if they wanted him to get booze for them and they said yes. He said he wanted them to give him oral sex and show him their boobs. They texed back that they would not stoop that low and maybe when their boobs were tan they would. This is not the first time he offered to get booze, he sneeks out and does this for the last 6 months. He got it for them a couple of times before. They still have the last full bottle that they turned over to me. This boy got caught stealing from Meijers and was issued a MIP. The parents read his tex messages and said that they are going to get my daughters for Prostitution and in trouble for getting him to steal the booze. Have several tex to show he offered but I realize my daughters are not inocent victoms. Can they be charged. The parents have been threateng me and my daughter by comming by and talking to me and tex messages as well as phone calls. The boy continued to tex them. What should I do. Susan
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 9 years ago.
Parents have been threatening you "how" exactly? What have they said?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
First Tex by the mother: If you think the stunt you pulled isn't illegal well it is called PROSTITUTION - SEX for booze, I will be showing your tex to the MC Attorney for further action, you both should    and it cut off
Phone call message: This is Andrews mom Do not call him Do not contact him I am not playing around I will have my husband over tonight to speek to your mother.
Andrew through my space: ya my parents are out of control rite the cops if my dad gose over ur house
Last night at 4:30am my alarms went off and somone was going though my garbage and left when the lights went on, I seen it on my outside cameras.   Now what should I do
Expert:  socrateaser replied 9 years ago.

Okay, well from what I'm reading I don't see any criminal extortion from the messages (i.e., "If you don't do X, I will report you to the police...", etc.).

Digging through your garbage may be trespassing and criminal mischief, depending upon the location of the garbage and whether or not anything is left strewn around your property. But, if you can't prove who did it, then it doesn't matter.

It's conceivable that your child could be charged for solicitation for prostitution as an adult, or the like. But, it could have been nothing more than a joke by a child, too.

This may all just blow over, but I strongly suggest that you stop discussing it online. See my "IMPORTANT INFORMATION" link below for more.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
He is the one who asked for the blow job on a tex and asked the girls if they want him to get it. They did not think he would, because he asked for the sex act. They turned him down. Is that prostitution for booze, they declined?
Expert:  socrateaser replied 9 years ago.

Determining whether a crime has been committed requires a VERY thorough knowledge of all relevant facts, and the EXACT text of the offending statute in the Penal Code. of your jurisdiction. I can't do that in this venue. If you are really worried about the situation to the point where you must know, then you are STRONGLY advised to contact a criminal defense attorney and discuss this in PRIVATE.

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