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my daughter is in jail right now for two counts of forgery ...

Customer Question

my daughter is in jail right now for two counts of forgery and one of intent to obtain a narcotic drug she had taken two perscription sheets from a dr office and forged the name got them filled and also took a script from a resident where she was working and attempted toget it filled   they say they are two class c felonys and 1 class d never being in trouble before and seeking help on her own what kind of chance does she hasve of not having to serve time
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  CrimDefense replied 9 years ago.

Your daughter is going to be given a score sheet, when she goes to court. This sheet will list the felonies she is charged with and each felony carries a certain number, assigned to it. The higher degree of felony, the higher the points assigned to it. The prosecutor will add up her total points and if she scores a certain number, she could be facing prison time. If she is under the number, the State has the discretion on the offer to make her. If she has a clean record, it is most likely the State will offer her a probationary sentence. Since your daughter is sitting in jail, they may also give her credit for time served and release her once her case is resolved. If she cant afford a lawyer, she will be appointed a public defender. Once the PD looks at the facts of her case, they will be able to decide if she should fight the charges against her, or take a plea bargain.