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how can we save Jared

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I have a friens whose 7 yr old autistic son is about to be taken away from her and placed in a residential home.She would be willing to give me and my husband custody of him if the state allowed her to do so because she hasn't lost parental rights.What can me and my husband do to help with this process?Should we hire a lawyer and petition the court for custody of him?My husband and I love this boy very much as I used to care for him as a personal care assistant and I cared for him as a baby,We would also be willing to adopt him if that were ever an option.
Have you and your friend contact the court or the agency that is going to remove the child. Try to petition for your family to gain custody since the mother wants that as well. Another option is to consult with a Massachusetts family law attorney to assist you in this adoption. You can find capable attorneys by the searche: "Fall River family lawyer/attorney". That search will give you dozens of names. Interview them and ask for their experience in cases like this. Please remember to negotiate fees before hiring anyone as fees are negotiable. Best wishes in your attempt to adopt this child.

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