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jamest, Private Investigator
Category: Criminal Law
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What are the florida Laws on escort services. Legal or ...

Customer Question

What are the florida Laws on escort services. Legal or No? And if so is there a website I can go to look it up?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  jamest replied 9 years ago.
They are not per se illegal, meaning they are not illegal under all circumstances. There are many services of such in Florida, the legality depends upon the conduct. Now many of these services straddle the line and operate as a prostitution service under cloak of an escort service. It is illegal if beforehand the intent and arrangement is understood that the payment is in part or whole, given on a basis for sexual conduct. The way most of these get away with it is to say that they are selling the time and whatever happens during that time was between consenting adults, and it is hard to prove weather or not the funds exchanged were for time or for sexual conduct. This is why it is rare but a big story when one of these larger services are "busted" as a prostitution ring as it takes a lot of evidence to be able to prove the nature of the service. Most laws do no say what is legal, but rather what is not legal, it is legal to pay someone to follow you around and pretend to be your friend, girlfriend, spouse, mother, or anything else, there are no laws which prohibit that. Prostitution is illegal and applies where the exchange of money is done for or on condition of, any sexual conduct which may occur. It is the same principle that allows bong pipes to be sold, most of them are used for illegal purposes, but they can be used lawfully, and it is not illegal to possess them, so the law comes in when it crosses the line from pipe to drug paraphernalia. Many are used unlawfully, but there are lawful ways to use them, and there are unlawful ways. A baseball bat can be an implement or tool of a sport when used to play baseball, it however becomes a weapon when the person who has it uses it or threatens to use it in a violent way. Those are just examples of things that the law respects as legitimate and lawful in many cases, but have the potential to be used unlawfully. Same concept with an escort service, it think it can be said that if they charged a person $500 for an evening and the person hiring the escort has the desire for it to become prostitution yet nothing happens, i do not think their business would be doing very good. Most people who spend this much are looking for more than someone to tag along with, i think it is self evident that if this were to happen that the customer would consider the money wasted and not use the service again.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you very much, I asked the question because a family member recently got arrested, neigh, apprehended for ordering, if you will, an escort. No sex was exchanged (yet), and he still got in trouble. I don't know what the charges were exactly but I was wondering in the event of a trial. I appreciate the input and the timeliness of the reply.

Expert:  jamest replied 9 years ago.
Not a problem. The exchange need not happen or be approaching, it is the mindset of the person. It can develop into a really complicated matter, especially if the request for sex is not openly made but made by innuendo, The police could have had this place already made, meaning they were aware it was providing more than company, and he could have just been the unlucky one who was there when it all went down. Lots of possibilities, but if this is his first offense then it is not treated as a major crime, it's a misdemeanor meaning that a jail sentence is unlikely, what normally happens is a fine, probation, things like that. He may be forced, to get counseling.

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