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Judges, like police officers and attorneys, are held to a ...

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Judges, like police officers and attorneys, are held to a higher ethical standard than the average person; they are expected to be impartial and non-biased in their work. Do you believe a judge can be completely unbiased with every case? Explain your answer. What ethical issues arise when a judge is biased?

In my opinion no person can honestly claim to be completely unbiased and that includes judges. Others may have a different view on this. Our past experience helps shape how we act in the future. One thing we can do to reduce our natural tendency to act out on our biases is to acknowledge it and be aware of our biases. If a judge can acknowledge and become keenly aware of his biases, he can modify his behavior and force himself to carefully analyze his or her feelings and thought processes before making a ruling.

In the event a judge believes he cannot distance himself from his prejudices and rule impartially, he is ethically bound to recuse himself from the case or proceeding. Here in lies the ethical issue. The ethical issue for the judge is that he is required to recuse himself when he/she believes their personal feelings will impact his or her judgment and actions (rulings). Another ethical dilemma arises when a judge has a financial interest or relationship with one of the parties involved in the suit. Any and all orders issued by a judge who has a financial interest in a case may be voided upon review by a higher court.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Tuesday 01/27/09

Hi Greg, in the past, you had helped me with an assignment.. Would you be able to help me with another assignment??


Here it is.. This is due on Friday 01/30/09 Checkpoint: '' Constitutionality of Free Speech vs. Threats to National Security.''

"Journalists Caught in the Crossfire: Robert Novak, the First Amendment, and Journalist's Duty of Confidentiality"


I have to Provide a 50- to 75-word response to each of these questions:


1.) What role does the Intelligence Identities Protection Act play in this matter?

2.) What does the threat or exercise of criminal punishment typically have upon journalists? How might punishment conflict with First Amendment protections of freedoms of speech and press?

3.) How could Novak's publication of Valerie Plame's identity jeopardize national security?

4.) What is contempt of court, and for what reasons are journalists held in contempt? Who was held in contempt in the Plame matter and why?