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Criminal Justice 101-11 Unit 1 Quiz.

Resolved Question:

Criminal Justice 101-11       Unit 1 Quiz.

1. Guilty pleas are always accepted by the judge. true or false?

2. A Consecutive sentence allows the offender to serve two or more sentences at the same time. true or false?

3. Once an offender has been sentenced, the corrections stage begins. true or false?

4. Which model assumes that the system's subcomponets function primarly to serve their own intrests? a. conflict model. b. criminal justice model. c. Consensus model. d. crime-control model.

5. Which model assumes that the system's subcomponets work together harmoniously to achive the social procuct we call justice? a. conflict model.

b. criminal justice model.

c. Consensus model.

d. crime-control model.

6. Which stage in the Criminal Justice process involves pictures and fingerprints of the subject?

a. arraignment.

b. trial.

c. Preliminary hearing.

d. booking.

7. Who returns an indictment?

a. the prosecutor.

b. the grand jury.

c. the judge.

d. the arresting police officer.

8. which model emphasizes the efficient arrest and cinviction of criminal offenders?

a. due-process model.

b. crime-control model.

c. consensus model.

d. conflict model.

9. When an offender recieves a ______ sentence, he or she serves one sentence after another is completed.

a. concurrent.

b. delayed.

c. suspended.

d. consecutive.

10. The due process clause of the United States Constitution is specifically stated in which amendment?

a. fourth.

b. fifth.

c. first.

d. eighth.

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  omnilegal replied 9 years ago.

1. false 2. false 3. true 4. conflict model 5. consensus model 6. booking 7. the grand jury 8. due process model 9. consecutive 10. Eighth Amendment

I hope this helps you out. Keep studying.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to omnilegal's Post: your number 8 and 10 are wrong.
Expert:  omnilegal replied 9 years ago.
sorry about that-what we get 80%? We'll do better next time.
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