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I need a sample letter of leniency for my son. Please help!

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I need a sample letter asking a judge for leniency on my son. He is awaitng sentencing for assault and battery and recently failed an alcohol test he reports to weekly, violating his bond. He was in an after school fight at 17 and they charged him as adult. He is joining the Marines and plans to leave in August. He has never even had as much as a traffic violation and now we are terrified for his punishment. His recruiter is coming to court, but I thought a letter from the mother might help as well? Please help!!


You can use this sample

Address it to The Honorable (name) with the proper address, etc

Dear Judge

I am writing this letter on behalf of my son who is before you on criminal charge as well as a bond violation.

My son, Robbie has a great future ahead of him. He is scheduled to go into the Marines in August to serve his country. I believe this would be the best thing for him and certainly more beneficial to his becoming a responsible, productive citizen than any incarceration.

Robbie is currently in school and is a good student, obtaining A's and B's in many of his classes. His teachers always have good things to say about him and were very surprised when all of this came about.

I also was shocked and dismayed over his behavior as he has always been a good child. He has never disrespected me and has always been there for me to help in any way he could. This incident is very unlike Robbie's character. He has always made friends easily. He attends church with me (if he does) and has always wanted to go into the service to help protect and defend this country.

Your Honor, I am seeking the mercy of the Court when you decide what punishment my son should have for his behavior. I hope that you will reach deep within in making that decision and that you will see that this is not unusal behavior for my son and that you will be lienient, allowing him to move forward with his goals for a bright and promising future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sign the letter. Feel free to add anything else that you might see as useful. Keep in mind, that the shorter and to the point is more effective than an overly done dramatic appeal

Best to you and your son with this matter.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thank you so very much! Should I mention the bond violation? He was ordered to do "JAMS" which is twice a week drug and alcohol testing(since December) and has never missed and never failed, until this current situation. While he admits his bad decision, he had just got word of a close friends suicide, to which he's been dealing with the counsellors at school and 3 days after the incident another friend died at a party. She died from an accidental overdose. We feel he has learned all too well from his mistake but will the judge view it as an "excuse"?

You do not need to mention it, if that is not on issue at this point in time. If he is only there for sentencng and not the violation then no need to mention it.

And no need to try to help with excuses as to why it happened. I suggest, you not go there.