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My son met a girl on MySpace for about 3 months and her

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My son met a girl on MySpace for about 3 months and her profile stated she was 17 and would be turning 18 on Friday,04/26/2008.He asked a woman who "said" she was the girls Mother if he could bring her to Alabama to meet me (his Mother) and celebrate her 18th birthday with her. The woman said she could come but he would have to come to Greenville,SC from Gadsden,AL to pick the girl up after school.He drove up there to get the girl and brings her back to Alabama. Come to find out the girl lied and she was only 14. My son was charged with Solication of a minor by computer and Rape in the 2nd degree, the girl said the sex was consentual in her police statement.I bonded my son out.I checked the girls MySpace profile, it was updated the same day my son was arrested, now it says she is 15.My son was rearrested and is waiting to be extradited to South Carolina to face the same charges there since the girl was from there. WHAT CAN BE DONE FOR MY SON AND WHAT IS HE FACING???PLEASE HELP
Do you have any written history of their email conversations or did you ever talk to the girl's "mother"? Lying about her age is a defense in many states, but you'll need to prove he WAS lied to. It's time to get ever single chat history and other computer record we have copied NOW!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The local police got my ex husbands computer that my son used to contact the girl and they will return it on Tuesday,May 06,2008. But he was told by the police that they got everything off the harddrive they needed.When my ex asked if they got everything off they needed or did they get things off they needed against our son or BOTH parties and the police reply was...we got off what we needed.The girls Mother,Wendy called my ex husband between 5 and 6 on Friday, April 25 looking for my son. He said she did not seem upset, she was not crying and she talked really calm and said that she needed to talk to Jared (my son) and she wanted to meet him. He did not get a call from the Mother until 10:00pm on the dot according to my cell phone bill.There was a 4 to 5 hour gab from the time the Mother called my ex until the time she called my son.I mean, my son is 21 and I freak out if he does not call me or see me everyday and here is a Mother that "says" her 14,15,etc year old daughter has been kidnapped by my son and she is calm and waits 4 to 5 hours after she talks to his dad to call him personally...any suggestions on this???I mean, my son is probably going to jail and to me, he will be kidnapped by the justice system and I will be freaking out everyday and she waits 4 to 5 hours to call the person that her daughter is with and talks...CALM
The most reassuring things I csan suggest is that justice usually prevails in these types of matters and common sense is also very important in determining what "really" happened. Try the "serenity prayer" for now and realize that some things you just have to "let go of" for now. You'll get a chance to see all of the State's evidence in due time. This packet is normally very helpful in understanding how justice will be served. Once you receive that copy, please consider letting me read same to be able to offer some additional guidance. This too shall pass!!