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could this stop me from getting my settlement

Resolved Question:

i recently total my car.when i reported to my insurance co i total them my car roll down a hill into someones house steps.i was upset about the accident at the time and was not thinking   about what i was saying.later i gave a recored statement to my insurance co saying the same thing;but i call back 2 days later and told my insurance adjuster that iwas back my car into a driveway but could not stop my car because i had my foot on the gas pedal and brakes at the same time. after this weeks went by;my insurance co gave me a price on my settlement and told me it had to get approved by cailms manger first ;later i inform i will have speak with the insurance co investorgator i will be seaking with him next week what should i do are say
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  LegalEagle replied 9 years ago.

You need to clear up any confusion about what happened. As you have probably already been advised by your insurance carrier, insurance fraud is a felony in Georgia. As such, you not only need to explain what really happened but you're going to need to have a cogent explanation for why you lied in the first place. Your differing stories cause suspicion that something more "sinister" really took place. Make sure you take a witness with you for any future meetings. You have an obligation as an insured to cooperate with your carrier in their investigation. The witness, however, is to help you keep track of what was said in the event thay they deny your claim. You may end up needing to make a claim against them for bad faith if they deny your claim.

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