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i have a son who is 15 i live in a small town in wva

Customer Question

i have a son who is 15 i live in a small town in wva i took my son to the local police office they read him his rights but didnt arrest him said that he was accussed of destruction of property because a kid fitting his decription which describes most of the kids around here. my son said he didnt do it and the police officer told him if he didnt confess now that if he came back to areest him he would make up a bunch more charges to charge him with my son has witnesses for where he was except for 20 minutes he was walking home but the police wont tell us what time it supposedly happened what recourse do i have
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michelle replied 9 years ago.


If he did not do it, then I suggest you have no more contact with the police but instead seek a local attorney to consult with before they arrest him and have more conversations - you are entitled to be there if he is arrested so he can consult with you about having an attorney present for any more questions. Also, when the charges were placed he should have been told the time and place and specifics as to the crime.

You could contact the Public Defender's Office in your county and see if they can represent your son with this matter

Best to you both with this matter,


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