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Mister Mann
Mister Mann, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Harvard-law graduate; 8 years as a former Manhattan District Attorney.
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I have a daughter who is currently in either the Clark ...

Customer Question

I have a daughter who is currently in either the Clark County, Las Vegas or Henderson City jail awaiting a trial date. She is claiming not to know of the full extent of the charges against her. As a parent living in California am I able to call anyone in the police/sherrif''s department to find out such information? She is of age (25) and I am trying to determine if I should involve myself or assist her in any manner.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Mister Mann replied 9 years ago.

I am sorry about your daughter's situation. This must be very tough for you. Frankly, if your daughter has already been arraigned in court, then she should know the charges that she faces. You may want to contact your daughter's attorney, and see if you can assist the attorney in your daughter's defense in anyway. At the very least, it is always important to have family members in court to show support whenever a loved one faces criminal charges. Again, find out who represents your daughter and that attorney should know all of the charges that she faces. Further, if your daughter does not have an attorney or cannot afford one, then contact the public defender or get the court to appoint one to defend her.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Sincerely, XXXXX