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I recently recieved a response from Mr. Lofton regarding ...

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I recently recieved a response from Mr. Lofton regarding Daniel Cummings. He has been convicted of manslaughter in Mississippi. At the time I wasn't aware that Dan had pled guilty. Part of the deal was to keep him out of Mississippi's penal farm. He ultimately wound up there as a result of a failed drug test (marijuana I'm told.) As Mr. Lofton suggested however, I did collect statistics in the Mississippi courts for the last 20 years for manslaughter convictions and the sentences imposed. It was disheartening to see the disparity in sentencing. My question is do you think there could be any hope for an appeal in this case?

Absolutely there is hope for an appeal and I encourage you to undertake one on Daniel's behalf - the courts exist to offer even handed and fair justice to all citizens, and you should select a lawyer who is competent, experienced and has a good track record in the appeals court - bring him/her all of you information and statistics. Meantime tell Daniel to behave himself and get the good behavior time he is entitled to.

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