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I have a pre-trial conference over a dui case in ...

Customer Question

I have a pre-trial conference over a dui case in Arizona....i dont really know what to expect or how to proceed....I dont have a lawyer becuase funding fell through at the last minute and I think it is to late for a public defender as the conference is tomorrow....I am going to attempt it alone as I really have no other option (or do I??) My case is for a dui for BAC of .086 in field and .085 and .093 at jail....was pulled over for unreadable license plate...was dealer paper plate for a new truck...rained day before and was a small bit of condensation on was not running or anything..very readable..have pictures. My question.....can I do this by myself? is there anything to be aware of? Is this a good idea? Judge said at arraingement that no payments will be aranged for fees and fines...i have tried to pedal everything I can to get the money but I dont have it...does that mean I will go to jail becuase of it??
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Mr. Lofton replied 9 years ago.

Pretrial conference is just to schedule a trial date and see if there are any unusual legal issues judge needs to know about. Best advice: Tell judge right off the bat that you are now unable to afford an attorney and would like to have one appointed. You wouldn't talk into a jungle without a guide - representing yourself is dangerous territory.

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