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Older citizens report less victimization than teens. What ...

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Older citizens report less victimization than teens. What reasons could help account for such a wide disparity in victimization? Explain.
Discuss some reasons why youths engage in high risk behaviors. Are juveniles rational actors who weigh the costs and benefits of their actions, or are they more impulsive and easily swayed by peer pressure?
Just to be sure I understand, are you referring to reporting crimes against themselves? Are you saying that an older person is less likely to be the victim of a crime, or are you saying they may be the victim, but they do not report everything to the police?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Jamest, thank you so much for your response,a ctually I di make a mistek, I paste the wrong question, what I need help with is

Apply 2 psychological theories and 2 sociological theories to each of the following three delinquent acts: shoplifting, breaking and entering a home, and car jacking.

Do you think you can help me?

Help yes, but i cant spend much time on the question due to the amount

Justification is a powerful psychological tool, it allows people to commit crime without offending their concise.

Psychological can be justified that the items are overpriced and the company has enough money, so it wont matter.
The next is that the end justify the means, it is better to steal to feed my family than them starve, it is the lesser of the two evils.

Sociology can very depending on the item, certain items are embarrassing to purchase, such as hemroid relief, adult diapers, any items having to do with a sexual nature. These items may be culturally embarrassing
Also many juveniles steal due to lack of funds, and peer pleasure as there is a good percentage of the youth population who have stolen before and may do so regularly. It evolves a danger element and is an adrenalin rush.

breaking and entering a home
Psychological is justified if the person is of a higher economic class thus resentment and envy may become a factor, breaking into a home is usually with intent to commit another crime, and is merely part of the equation
Also necessity comes into play, "i need in for some reason" and that justifies my entry.

Sociology could lead someone to enter not necessarily to commit a crime, but to investigate the activities of the resident.
entering a vacant home with intent to steal, which may be necessary to fuel a drug hobbit bu larceny of goods and selling them to obtain money to by more drugs, the drug aspect of our culture invades almost everything in our culture.

Car jacking
Psychological this mat be one of the better ways to flea from a crime scene as it may take several crucial minutes to inform police of both the initial crime and the suspects forceful taking of a vehicle which prior to that had nothing to do with the crime.
car jacking is dangerous and involves violently or forcefully taking possession of a motor vehicle without the owners consent.
This can be very easy to justify if the car is indicative of someone in a higher income level than they may be.

Sociology different from the other two crimes, carjacking almost always has en element of either the unlawful use of force or a threat to do violence to that person. Many youth must commit a crime of violence for gang initiation, this is not only a crime of violence but of profit, the parts can be sold for top dollar, making someone a lot of extra cash.

Also a carjacking may simply be easiest way to sear a car, it can provide youth with a nice vehicle of their choice, they may not wish to risk damage to the vehicle by forcefully entering and starting the vehicle. This is especially dangerous to the victim as many car jackings turn into kidnapings. The kidnapping of a victim of a carjacking has been known to lead to murder and there are many people on death row for carjackings that became murders. In a weighing state such as Florida, the kidnapping aggravating circumstance is present, as well the victim is usually taken to a remote area and killed. This often ads the cold, calculated and premeditated factor, meaning the defendant had the entire drive to contemplate the fate of the victim, and although allowing the victim to live by depositing them in a remote area would be effective at concealing the crime for a little longer, thus the defendant had calm reflection and a chance to escape without committing the murder, yet commits the murder anyway, since the purpose of the killing is to avoid arrest, this is another aggravating circumstance, to commit a crime to eliminate a whiteness. Also in many cases the victim is stored in the trunk and is placed in immense fear, terror and anxiety, this can also establish the heinous, atrocious or cruel aggravator because the events leading up to the murder would have been cruel. This distinguishes the other two cases, due to its necessity of some level of violence, which is not always present in a shoplifting or B&E charge, shoplifting and simple breaking and entering rarely end up leading to a murder, as shoplifting by force inmost cases becomes a robbery, and breaking and entering usually is a burglary, which is to enter or remain in a location without consent and with the intent to commit an offense inside
jamest and other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thank you so much for your answer. I wish I could pay you some more but I am full time student and mom so I don't work, well I do work by being a homemaker but with no salary lol. I appreciate your help a lot, and I will definitely accept your answer.

Kind Regards

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I appreciate if you can leave positive feedback for me. I already left positive for you. Thanks
i usually do so in bulk, like at the end of the week, but ill get yours dont now
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you. You know I had to re list the question. I will be using what you helped me with as examples. Maybe if yo want you can take a look and see how the assignment is. I am offering much more this time, but I need an excellent job. Let me know

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