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My son accepted a plea agreement to a Drug Court

Resolved Question:

My son accepted a plea agreement to a Drug Court program which he was enrolled for 11 months. During that time he was charged in another court with a DUI causing Death. The Drug Court dismissed him from Drug Court and he was sentenced to 18 months which he served 9. During the time served for the Drug Court Violation he was charged with 6 years do 3 for the DUI in another court. Does the jail time served in the Drug Court violation apply as credit time towards the 6 years that he is now serving in prison? The court only allowed 10 days of credit time.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  romlawyer replied 9 years ago.


Since each jail time was for a separate incident, the time for one does not count for the other....

So his drug court violation is one period, and his DUI is a separate period.

The only exception would be if the judge explicitly allowed for double credit by running them "concurrent". This is usually not done for two crimes arising out of different facts at different times.

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