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faye lee
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I recently lost my right to drive in Virginia due to a ...

Customer Question

I recently lost my right to drive in Virginia due to a reckless driving by speeding charge. It was an appeal. Now that I am suspended in Virginia, if I apply for a drivers license in MD and tell the truth on the application that I am suspended in another state i.e. Virginia, is there any hope that MD will approve and grant me driving privelages in their state? I know I''d have to move there and live and work there and not drive in Va until my suspension is lifted 6 months from now but I could still drive everywhere else legally right? What are my chances of being granted driving privelages in MD in spite of the suspension in Va?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  faye lee replied 9 years ago.
wolfrey2k2, Thanks for waiting.. When you apply for the license in MD, you will most likey not be able to obtain a new license. This would be considered a crime, however you do plan to disclose that your license are suspended.Whether you disclose or not they will run your information such as SS number through a national data base which would disclose the suspension.Reciprocity exsist between states that is an obligation of one state to enforce the other states laws. Therefore I would recommend that you not attempt to carry out this action. I hope this had help if so click accept. TAKE CARE
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Your answer is incomplete and is nothing I can't figure out for myself or find out for free.
What I want is an EXPERT legal answer.
It takes 30 days for Va to get the information regarding my suspension reported much less recorded in state records.
If I apply for a drivers license in any other state and tell the truth on the form, there is NO WAY I could be prosecuted because I told the truth you idiot!
Anyway, I want an answer from an expert, not some idiot with opinions or wild guesses!
Expert:  faye lee replied 9 years ago.
Customer You requested me for an answer, I gave you such and will not guide you to commit an act prohibited by law. I will opt out and do not appreciate being so disrespected. Faye Lee
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
You are just trying to be right! There is NOTHING ILLEGAL about applying for a drivers license in another state if that state will grant you the right in spite of the fact that I am suspended in another one. There is NOTHING ILLEGAL about applying for a license if I am truthful! I resent your assertions and or accusations to the contrary! You should learn how to read and get it right the first time and that way you will prevent getting your ars chewed for it!

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