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How can I find out what the terms/conditions are ...

Customer Question

How can I find out what the terms/conditions are for special parole in the st of connecticut? is there information avaialbe on line?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  ExperiencedParalegal replied 9 years ago.

When the court sentences someone to special parole, it can recommend that the person comply with any or all of the requirements that the court can impose as conditions of probation or conditional discharge. The board can require the person to comply with the recommended requirements and can impose other rules and conditions.

If a parole officer believes someone has violated the conditions of special parole, the law requires the Board or Pardons and Paroles to hold a hearing with the parolee without unnecessary delay. The parolee must be informed at the hearing of the alleged violation and be advised by the board employee conducting the hearing of his or her due process rights.

If a violation is established, the board can:

1. continue the period of special parole,

2. modify or enlarge the conditions of special parole, or

3. revoke the special parole (CGS § 54-125e, 2008 Supplement).

A person's special parole can be revoked only if, after the hearing, the employee recommends revocation and at least two members of a board panel approve the recommendation (CGS § 54-127a).

If you are currently on "special parole" you need to get the additional terms and conditions of your parole either from your parole/probation officer or from the court of jurisdiction were you were sentenced in.

Please note that this is not just something that you can look up on line. Reason being, the terms and conditions imposed by the Judge are different and vary in each and every case. Another thing you can do, which I would strongly suggest, is order a copy of the court transcripts from your sentencing, so that you have the conditions and terms of your parole word for word.

Please let me know if you should need anything further.


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Expert:  ExperiencedParalegal replied 9 years ago.

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