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The police came to my home looking for my grandson who ...

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The police came to my home looking for my grandson who frequently uses my address without my knowledge. When I told them that he didn''t live with me, the officer stated that they needed to search my home forn him. I said okay. My question is when can officers search your home (bench or search warrant), and can you see the warrant first?

They are allowed to search a home

a) When there is an arrest warrant for someone at that address.
b) When they have a warrant to search for a particular item, contraband, evidence etc.

You are 100% entitled to see the warrant.

Outside of having a warrant they must have the homeowners permission, and in addition if an occupant has a locked box, then the owner of the box/locked closet needs to give permission to search.

If there was a bench warrant, and this address was listed on the warrant, then they are allowed to search the house for him. They are not allowed to look anywhere a person can not hide.

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