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hello, i was in my bedroom with the window partially open ...

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hello, i was in my bedroom with the window partially open at a apartment complex. Two young girls said they saw me in my underwear and then nude. They notified there parents and the parents called and filed a report with the police. The police knocked on my door but i never answered cause i had no idea they were there. I never even knew this happened and now my complex personal, want me out. I dont know what will happen with the police situation. Is it a crime to be walking around in your bedroom in underwear or nude and other people seeing you?? under law, if it is a criminal act, i would be charged with what??

Technically you could be charged with indecent exposure. If however this was a simple accident, then you may not be charged. If the police want to talk to you, do not say anything until you talk to a lawyer. You will NEVER talk yourself out of trouble, and may talk yourself into trouble.

The complex cannot throw you out, unless you are evicted, which would need to be done with cause. This one incident is probably not enough to support an eviction.

I suggest you talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible to make sure there is not arrest warrant, or you are a "person of interest".

To get low cost legal aid assistance you can do one of the following.

1. Look to see if there are any Legal Aid Clinic in your area. You can check the yellow pages or call your local city or county hall.
2. Any law schools in your area may offer clinics and services for no cost. It is worth contacting them for their locations and times.
3. Your county may have its own bar association with low cost or community based (pro bono) services. Contact them for a referral.
4. You can also contact your local court clerk to for a referral to known programs in your area.
5. Many of the large law firms have a pro bono program. Call them and ask if they have a pro bono program and ask to speak with the coordinator of that program.
6. Contact your State Bar Association. Ask for a referral to any low cost or community services in your area for the issue.
7. Sometimes it is worth spending $250 for an hour of an experienced local attorney who can read your notes, and get the full picture before deicing how to move forward.

Remember to bring all your notes, contracts, names, and evidence you may have (emails, etc), to the lawyer in an organized chronological fashion. This will show you are prepared, and willing to help yourself. lawyers can read through and understand the details FAR quicker if things are organized. This will be a way for you to empower yourself to get results.

If you find any of this is helpful please click ACCEPT. Otherwise please follow up if you have any more questions. Bonuses and feedback are greatly appreciated if you feel they are deserved.

Best of luck,
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Flagbridge-CL's Post: is there another way of finding out sooner if i have an arrest warrant out for me? or if im a person of interest? If the police show up at my house to ask me questions and i tell them that i want to speak my lawyer first, wouldnt that make me look more quilty than just explaining to them what happened??

That will not make you look guilty. It is your right to talk to a lawyer. If you are arrested, be polite, ask for an opportunity to lock up your house, do not say anything other then you understand your rights, and make it clear you will not be speaking with them until you speak to a lawyer.

It will not make you look guilty. If you slip and say the wrong thing it may imply intent, and then you are in deep trouble.

Please just talk to a lawyer, and no one else about this issue until it is resolved.

Best of luck!!