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My friend Debbie was picked up in 2004 and got a 15 year ...

Customer Question

My friend Debbie was picked up in 2004 and got a 15 year federal prison. I need help get her out early. This is what she was charged with.                                          ;                                         &nb sp;     
The feds have charged me with 1 count of felon in posssession if a firearm which they have on my judgement paper as a 922 (g) (1) and a 924 (e) i was told that the 922 was for being a felon with a gun and if anyone violated that 922 (g) and had two or more prior violen felonies they would also be charged with a 924 (e) which is why they say i fall into the catagory of an Armed Career Criminal. But my charges in Ga. was by thier statute a non violent offense. the feds gave me a chapter 4 enhancement due to my past priors by 9 points. i started out at a level 23 and they enhanced me due to my past priors to a level 33 but then took off 3 points for acceptence of responability, wasnt that nice of them. They put me in a catagoy IV. I feel i should be at a level 20 a
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  David Coleman replied 9 years ago.
Hi Doug,

We have intereacted before, if you can find out or you know already, If she serving the time in a virginia prison or in a west virginia prison?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Well I know she spent time in Ga state preson for the orginal charge in 1999 the got out in 2004 then this charges came up and now in federal but i will ask her.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I sent Debbie a message. She did not know what you ment by your question. I hope I help her under stand but this is what she sent me. Sorry Blonde moment, well for the state charge i was in the county jail from 8-11-99 for 9 months then went to state prison and stayed until June 7 2002 then when i got out i came to virginia and traded the gun for the go cart i got arrested while on parole for that on 9-11-03 and sentenced on feb. 26 2004 then i went to Tallahasee Fl. then after being there for awhile i went to Mariann Fl. and was ther for about 7 or 8 months and then i came here to good ol Alderson West Vitginia. I filed a 2255 at the end of 2005 but was declined in April 2006. I hope that answers thier question and so far i havent received anything back form where i filed that motion so keep your fingers crossed love you i gotta go to work have a great day