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Michael Foley
Michael Foley, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  3 years teaching paralegals at college level; former work in prosecution and defense.
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i was convicated of a dui .how can i get a hard ship license

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Generally speaking, you must be able to PROVE a hardship...typically this is employment or school related. The procedure is to contact your local DMV office, and yes, I know they are often not helpful in most situations. If you get nowhere with them, call the Division of Driver License Customer Service at(NNN) NNN-NNNNin Tallahassee.

It sounds to me like you are getting the runaround as either your PO or at minimum, the State Attorney's office should have that info.....My best suggestion as you are dealing with the State of Florida is to continue to your local DMV, and if you get nowhere, ask for a supervisor.

Be mindful that the burden of proof is on YOU - you must show a hardship and there is no guarantee that you will obtain the license. Also, the DMV has the right to assess you an additional fee.

Good luck!

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