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jamest, Private Investigator
Category: Criminal Law
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what is the penalty for arson in pennsylvania

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The defendent is acused of arson to a backyard shed containing tools valued at less than $1,000.
Well the maximum penalty for arson endangering property, but not person, is a felony of the 2nd degree. The maximum sentence is 10 years. What a person actually gets has to do with their prior record, the specific circumstances of the offense, post crime conduct of defendant, all that is taken into account by the sentencing court. So if a person has a relatively small record, i would not expect anywhere near the maximum.
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I answer the question yesterday after it being posted for four hours. I do not see why you would leave neutral feedback for me. You posted the question at 6am there aren't many of us awake then. When I log on and see a question I can answer I do so, I can not help if there was noose in between your question and my answer. We often have a quick turn around, but sometimes we do not due to high volume of questions, time of day, the number of experts online and the amount of time it takes to research the question. In this case it took me about 25 minutes of digging through PA law, and cases to be able to provide an answer. Neutral or bad feedback reflects on the expert, not the site as a whole. This is a bad trend as if this was the case, anyone seeing a question which had been there for 15 minutes would not answer the question for fear of receiving non positive feedback. Sometimes it takes longer than 10 minutes to research a case to get a correct answer, and a 10 minute turn around would either be imposable to get a correct answer. We are here to help people with their questions, and it would be a travesty if we refused to answer any question which may take more time to verify, and we also don't want the experts ignoring questions which have been posted earlier. So I am sorry you were not happy with the speed of he answer, but i answered it as soon as i logged on, cant effect what went on before that.