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Shoplifting---Will Civil/Criminal Matter Be Pursued

Customer Question

Last evening, was in Shaw''s Supermarket, made the stupid decision to eat part of a chocolate candy bar, valued at $4-5 because it is a dark 65% Cacao Chocolate, and I left the rest of the candy bar in the wrapper, on a shelf. As I was paying for the rest of my groceries at the register, $62 worth of groceries, as soon as I entered the first set of 2 double doors as i was leaving after making my purchase, a Boston police officer and loss prevention person in plain clothes from the store spoke to me, asked me to come to their office with them. They brought into their security office area in the store, then another store employee entered who stated he saw the whole thing happen with me eating part of the candy, and they had the remaining part of the candy bar that was in the store, I admitted all guilt, I filled out a form and signed it after they recorded all my information including SS#, was not arrested, officer was just there as a witness, was given a piece of paper with a number to call Shaw''s corporate office next week to discuss the matter and "talk to the peopl there" as I was told and this will supposedly determine how things will be settled. what are the odds that will I just have to pay whatever fine is given to me? will any civil or criminal evidence be on my record even if a fine is paid? will i have to mention this in job interview/job forms in the future?
i am 22 yrs old, college graduate, just basically had a lapse in judgement, will be going to store to express my sincere remorse, regret and sorrow over the matter, first time offender with nothing on my record except 1 speeding ticket
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michelle replied 9 years ago.


This does not appear that criminal charges will be pursued. It sounds as if you would be able to work out a fine directly to the Corporate office which would not involve any kind of record or detection from future employers. I suggest, you get everything in writing, however. For instance, that you will pay (certain amount of money) and that will be the end of it. Tell them they can suspend you from the store for a period, though you do spend a lot of money in there. You could have told a fib and said you forgot you put the candy on the shelve - that you meant to bring it to the cashier. But you are basically and honest person and therefore told the truth as to what happened. The bottomline is you want to make sure whatever deal is struck is put in writing.

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