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I was in an automobile accident where I fell to sleep at ...

Customer Question

I was in an automobile accident where I fell to sleep at the wheel. I have never had a ticket in the past, clean record. I am 48 years old. I hit a semi and received 5 tickets. nobody was hurt. Two accounts of reckless endangerment and tow accounts of criminal mischief. I am attending nursing school and have just been told by a friend that I wont be able to be hired at any job because of these tickets. is this true? It was a car accident and I have a clean record.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  TruthFinder replied 9 years ago.
They are correct due to the fact that assuming the damages are to exceed $750, one offense of criminal mischief by recklessness is a Class C Felony in itself even without the other charges added and a felony conviction (should you be convicted) could disallow you from entering into the nursing field as well as getting a job in the majority of employment fields. You may be able to have the records sealed or expunged later after serving your sentence, but that would be a process several years down the road. The best advice is to retain a criminal attorney in your area as soon as possible and if you can not afford one you may be eligible for a public defender (go HERE for more help in locating an attorney).