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When two individuasl have been given legal immunity for ...

Resolved Question:

When two individuasl have been given legal immunity for something two out of three people did, holding the third person accountable 100% for monetary and criminal issuesd for ghost billing in a small family owned company, how can their legal immunity be reversed?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  TruthFinder replied 9 years ago.
It can only be revoked if it is proved that they lied about the information they gave in order to get immunity or in some other way break their deal with the prosecuting attorney. Say they told the prosecutor where to find files that the other person held and the prosecutor found out that they told the other person to move or destroy the files or that the files were never there is the first place, the prosecutor could revoke their immunity as well as add obstruction of justice or other charges to the ones they already are facing. Or if they find out from the one left holding full responsibility that they were actually the ones that initiated the scam and that person has proof, they may have their immunity revoked again due to them lying to the prosecutor. It is a rare occurrence to have immunity revoked however.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to TruthFinder's Post: Can you quote Texas case law where this may havew happened or tell me where to look. I do not mind paying another $30.00 if you can find me a case to site. This would be very helpful.

Thank you.
Expert:  TruthFinder replied 9 years ago.

You are very welcome!

HERE is a great reference that includes the laws and case references. HERE describes a situation well known to most of us, that describes what can happen to revoke immunity. You may also want to read HERE on the different types of immunity.

Most cases dealing with immunity are hard to find because immunity is in a sense a dismissal of charges and therefore not on record. Revoked immunity is normally not mentioned in the court records as this is a deal made between the prosecutor and the defendants prior to a trail; that information is not, therefore, on record.






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