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Violation of a protective order in utah

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If being charged with violating a protective order in utah. And the violations are non threating and non violent text messages on a cell phone. What can a defendant do or what can kind of deal can one make with the prosecutors to avoid jail time?

It is important for you to realize the seriousness of this offense; read HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

There is little room for deal making in this type of situation as it is already been proved that "the respect for the law" is not there. The victim is already been violated once and they are less inclined to allow that to happen again. Violent or not, the violation is very serious. The best recommendation is to seek a diversion program which is not an actual conviction and can be up to a 2 year program, but it isn't jail. After completion of the diversion program the charges will be dropped and you will not be prosecuted. You could also seek probation and paying fines for the charge as well as getting treatment such as anger management or even monitored probation where you are to where an ankle monitor and be on house arrest.

All of these are possibilities, but it is ultimately up to the prosecutor and the judge.

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