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Charges being swept under the rug

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Suspect reconciles with ex-wife and moves back in with her and their 3 teenaged daughters. No remarriage occurs. After 3 years suspect beats ex-wife and the daughters. Arresting officer is a female deputy sheriff. Suspect charged with 4 counts of battery, 3 child endangerment, one interference with a 911 call, and a terroristic threat. Pictures and written statements are taken. Suspect is arraigned and release on $10,000 bond. There is proof of multiple phone calls between suspect and female deputy on her home and cell phones during a 21 day period following the arrest; both incoming and outgoing, at all times of day and night, some lasting over 30 minutes. Further proof that a prominent businessman in the county is "pulling strings" to have charges dropped. How is this possible? Who needs to be told of this and presented with the evidence if it seems that no one can be trusted? What steps need to be taken to prevent these charges being swept under the rug? Thanks!


How far up the chain do you think this goes? Do you suspect the prosecutor's in this matter and judge's as well?

Please provide me with the information so I can accurately assist you.

Thanks ~ Michelle

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Unfortunately, I do not know at this point how far up it goes. This is a small community and the businessman is friends with the magistrate judge, perhaps the Superior court judgeand definitely the Sheriff. Could the magistrate, who arraigned this man be the one to drop the charges? Could the Sheriff's office dispose of the charges? Wouldn't this case go to a grand jury to be true billed then tried in Superior court if he didn't plea to lesser charges? I guess I need to know just how far up it would have to go for the charges to be swept away.


It does not need to go that far up to be swept - but if the DA has the matter, it would be hard to sweep it away unless the witnesses are being tampered with - ie the deputy who took the report. Hopefully, you got pictures and a medical report to the injuries as well as a copy of the deputy's report and I suggest you seek a transcript or copy of the 911 call.

Because it is hard to tell how far up it goes locally, I suggest you might contact a domestic violence advocacy group in your local area or even in the next state over - explain to them what you suspect. I also would suggest that you and someone from the advocacy group get in contact with your State Elected Officials - such as your State Senator who can help keep an eye on this situation. I have grabbed the following off the internet and it might be of some assistance - you want as many people to know about this as possible - you want it out in the open so it will be harder to hide



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