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My son is in jail for burgalry.I have no details.I assume

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My son is in jail for burgalry.I have no details.I assume he was sleeping in a vacant house as he is homeless and mentally ill.His hearing is monday.What is the time to be served?He may have stolen liquor.He has many prior drunk in public.Those may have been dropped by now.

Hello Grandmakrrie,

Sorry to hear of your problem.

Burglary into an un-inhabited dwelling house is a second-degree burglary in California, and is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year or in the state prison. Penal code Chapter 2 Section 461.

After a conviction on a criminal offense a judge in California may decide based on the evidence if a person is of diminished capacity or of a mental disorder. The judge then may at the time of sentencing issue another disposition or commitment.

While he is being held for trial you might want to have him evaluated and attempt an involuntary commitment for mental illness. Grandmakrrie

Hope this answers your question.







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