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i work at a nursing home accusations have been made ...

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i work at a nursing home accusations have been made towards me at my job for assauting an elderly woman,i was suspended without any charges being pressed at an inservice they told people that i did it and a detective told them i did... they also stated my name and the accusations made towards me and tried to convice people that i was guilty... i have talked to a detective about the case but he said i was no going to be arrested and no charges are filed at this time..what am i to do??? there was no injury found on the woman...and the people who accused me of this quit the job
If there is a finding that you committed the offense administratively by the agency that license aides then you have a right to an administrative hearing. You should appeal the finding and attend the hearing and tell your side of the story. It doesn't sound like the police believe that there is sufficient evidence to charge you but the standard to find it occurred by the licensing agency may be lower and they make take action against your aide license or registration. Try to get any evidence you can, if you can get anyone to give a statement in your favor or at the least character witnesses might come into play or other staff that would assist you in this area. Thanks for the question and I hope this gives you some ideas. You may certainly want to talk to an attorney in this matter as well...
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