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Really Violated ! I live in a small village of 2,000 ...

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Really Violated ! I live in a small village of <2,000 people. My life has literally been ruined b/c I cannot work in my profession b/c of some mysterious (5+) yrs. "ongoing" investigation. My car & domicile have been searched (dozens) of times w/o search warrents ""never, ever"" being presented, even while I grocery shop (& upper level agents, including the congressmen we vote for, are well aware of this gross illegality --I've written them). Agents have been made to "sign" admissions of felonies they premetitately, maliciously & w/ forethought planned to commit, however none were ever arrested, nor even fired, like an indigent would be in a heartbeat, in the US of Amer. If I were African Amer.,I'd have the NAACP. There is NO excuse on earth & I want them brought to trial. Married yrs. ago to my only boyfriend, I clearly live alone & live a clean life--no vices such as smoking, drugs, alc.,etc. My father will take action if I bring him video (I currently have infrared in the garage.)
I would contact the ACLU. They may be able to provide you with some representation, perform an investigation, or refer you to an attorney who might be able to help.

Here is the contact information for the Ohio Chapter:

ACLU of Ohio
Executive Director: XXXXX XXXXXnk XXXXXbr />Cleveland, OH 44103
Email: [email protected]

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