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My son had a party at a friends house while the

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My son had a party at a friend''s house while the family was away. The kids did some damage, mostly cosmetic, but after they inflated it dramatically to their insurance company, it totalled $18,000. From the beginning we planned to pay for damages and told the family so. We also told the insurance company we would reimburse them; obviously we were hoping to avoid the police being involved. We would like to reimburse the insurance company the amount we think should be charged; maybe 1/2 their total. The family already got their $18,000 check from the insurance company. If we don''t pay the full amount back to the insurance company can they bring charges on our son?

Dear Customer

Yes. The insurance company is fully entitled to reimbursement - I am curious as to why your son is the only one responsible here - all of the "trespassers" would be held accountable - have you talked to the other parents to see if they can help with this cost?


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Michelle; we could pursue other parents, but this was apparently a party that got out of control (which I think happens a lot) and my son didn't know everyone there. At this point the incident has not been made public and in part we fear hurting his reputation as well as increasing the risk of it becoming a police issue. The police agreed to let the parents work it out or they will get involved.

At this point he is going to be paying us back for years to come.

Dear Customer

I see. Well, you can contact the Insurance company and tell them that you have 9,000 at this time - and that you would like to arrange a payment plan so that your son can pay them the rest before he begins to repay you - that might work.

Of course, I am sure he does not some of the people who were there, even it is one of his "best friends" kids don't do this on their own - and you might consider speaking with that "friend's" parents - if there were charges, would you son be the only one charged?


Michelle and other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Good idea on the payment schedule, they may go for it. Also the insurance company asked via e mail if we plan to contact ours; I don't know why we would, but I'll ask them tomorrow why they brought it up.

A big part of the problem is someone set off a fire extinquisher and no one knows who did it, or will admit that they do.

The real issue is that this might be $3500 in real damage (mostly refinishing a hardwood floor) and stolen video games. Perhaps $300 worth, and yet they turned in $4000 worth to the insurance. The kids involved are just kids that made a stupid mistake; the people that own the house are the criminals.

Lastly our son let everyone in. He had the security code because he watched the house for the owners before when they were on vacation. If we got the story straight (which who ever knows for sure) he had a friend and two girl friends in the house and one of them called someone else and said "come over, it's a party".

Dear Customer

Well, the people are entitled to a certain compensation, in my opinion, for the disruption to their home even if they did Over state the damage - I would want some punitive damages - as you would, I am sure. And an insurance adjuster would have had to come out and give damage estimates -

They might have told you to contact your Homeowner's to see if they will compensate minus your deductible. My now 25 year old daughter when she was about 4 wrote her name with a rock into a neightbors car and my HO covered the cost of repair aInd you know, I don't think they ever got the car painted. I think they just kept the money.

Best to you and your family in this very trying matter,


Michelle and other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you