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what is the statute of limitations in oklahoma on ...

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what is the statute of limitations in oklahoma on first degree robbery with firearms
Dear Customer

Three Year Limitation. A prosecution for a public offense other than murder must be commenced within three years after its commission.

Good Luck!!


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Moe Manser's Post: I got into some trouble when i was 19. I am now 34. I am trying to get an expungement, I don't have much money and thought if I could most of the leg work myself. What I am needing to know in the state of oklahoma - comanche county, town of Lawton. I was convicted of 1st degree robbery with firearms. I got 15 yrs. 10 serving and 5 probation. I served 2 1/2 yrs. was on prole and my probations is up in july 29, 2008. I was convicted in july of 1993. I have not been into any more trouble have a good job, kids, and just want this off of my record. but don't want to pay an lawyer if it is not possible to get. thank you for your answers. I will accept.


Expungement of a Felony in Oklahoma
If you have been convicted of a felony in Oklahoma and did not receive a deferred sentence, there are only limited circumstances where an expungement can be obtained:

  • Proof of factual innocents through DNA;
  • Conviction reversed by appellate court; or
Felony was nonviolent in nature, defendant was pardoned, person has not been convicted of any other misdemeanor or felony, no charges are currently pending or 10 years have past since the conviction.eding
Dear Customer

If you meet the criteria according to Oklahoma Statutes Title 22 §991c & §18 & 19, (explained in my previous response) you can complete this process yourself with-out the help of an attorney. You would need to complete the required forms which can be obtained from you local court house.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
so in the state of oklahoma, A violent crime can't get expunged? Can I get a pardon from the governer? Are there any options for me to get this off of me.
Dear Customer

Unfortunally there are not many other options available. Your best bet will be to try to have the record expunged, threw a governor pardon. You might have a good chance due to the fact that your record has been clean for 15 years.

It never hurts to try, nothing to lose.

Good Luck!!