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This question is for a law enforcement officer or an

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This question is for a law enforcement officer or an attorney. I'm writing a story involving revenge and I was wondering what some of the worst or more memorable crimes that you've seen that involve revenge as a motive.


The was a family from El Salvador - they were here as illegals - and the cousins were running drugs - members of the MS-13 gang - and they were running illegals. Somewhere along the line, the cousins got angry at the families they were bringing in illegally - and so to get revenge, they picked the young kids up from school while the parents were working - as landscaper and maid - and they took the children home and they slit their throats - decapitating each of the youngsters who ranged in age from 4 to 6. I have searched the local paper archives and cannot find the story, unfortunately. I cannot remember the names.

Another was the firebombing of a family residence, because the family was very vocal about the drug activity in their inner city neighborhood. So while they slept, the drug dealers firebombed their home killing each of the occupants.

One more is when the gang drug dealers took a "snitch" blindfolded him, beat him, rolled him in a sheet, doused with gasoline, set ablaze and then tossed the body from a moving car in the early morning hours onto what would become a morning rushhour - the man was run over about 10 times before the cops arrived to move the body from the roadway.

Then there was the young lady who wanted to a divorce because the husband was abusive - she sought a restraining order and the judge denied her - a day later while she was at work the husband goes into her employment, douses her with lighter fluid, tosses a match and sets her ablaze - she has been on Oprah and other shows. The judge who denied the RO resigned. The Young lady has been on tour - scars from her badly burned body - trying to get folks to recognize the dangers of domestic violence.

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