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My client has a conviction back in 1989 in Idaho ...

Resolved Question:

My client has a conviction back in 1989 in Idaho for having sex with his daughter and is on the national registry for sex offenders. Is ther any way to get his record expunged or taken off the registry because it happended before the registry was even started.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Moe Manser replied 9 years ago.
DearCustomerbr />
Unfortunally Sex offenses can not be expunged . The removal of a sex offender’s name from the Sex Offender Registry can occur for the following reasons: death of the individual, certain states allow registrants to terminate the obligation after 15 years from the date of first registering upon proof to the Court that no offenses have been committed during that time and the registrant is no longer a danger to others. There is an exception in wherein offender who has been convicted for more than one offense of aggravated sexual assault or sexual assault may not seek such removal from the registry.


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