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my husban and i were at home when 3 drug taskforce came to ...

Customer Question

my husban and i were at home when 3 drug taskforce came to arrest a old roommate of ours . they said the smelled pot and ask was he a user and he said i was just arrsested in another county so they searched the house found digital scales ,paraphinal,along with 2 street signs. we both got rights read but they only took him but then they brought him back with out taking him to jail . he also never signed any thing. the officers wanted him to help make a drug bust,and after they make a bust he has to turn him self in go to court aganist the dealer and for him self. but what are options if we dont help do we look at the same charges or if we agree then we still get the same deal and fear for i life.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Michelle replied 9 years ago.


You can say no. However, if you do then they will proceed with the charges against you. If you decide you want to work with the police in this manner, I suggest that you consult with a local attorney to help work out the particulars on such a deal - the reason is many times without such details the task force will want more and more information and at any time they can say they never made such a bargain with you and file the charges anyway if they feel you have not given them enough.

With an attorney assisting you in this matter, the number of buys can be regulated with all your rights protected.

This is the way these task forces opertate. They try to get someone who it is a first offense and something small and then tell them if they cooperate and help with getting drug dealers, by wearing wires or whatever - they will not prosecute them. If the person does not cooperate then they file the charge - in an effort to scare and intimidate. This is not ethical, in my opinion - but it is legal.

Best to you in this matter,


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