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license were said to have been suspended when pulled over ...

Resolved Question:

license were said to have been suspended when pulled over by a cop who ran my license was ticketed at that time for suspended license was never notified of my license being suspend nor have i ever been arrested for a dwi or a dui i am having to go to court on monday for the ticket of suspended license but i do not know why they were suspended
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  NACDL LIFE MEMBER replied 9 years ago.
I am presuming that Monday is your arraignment (initial appearance) and you'll get another court date to afford you the opportunity to speak with counsel (which you should do). Your license may have been suspended for an administrative issue (non-satisfied judgment on state taxes in some states or non-paid child support judgment) or an unpaid parking ticket).

1. You need to examine before you go to court your record. You can do this online in Arkansas at "driver's watch"

2. At your initial appearance if not afforded the opportunity to speak with counsel or a subsequent hearing, you may request an other court date especially if you disagree with the reasons for the suspension or believe it was in error.

3. If afforded the opportunity to confer with counsel before the next court appearance do so. Many criminal defense attorneys will give you the initial meeting for free. Bring a copy of the DMV report.

4. If you disagree the the DMV report make inquiries at the DMV to see if there is a agency method to challenge disputed information.
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